How To Brand Using Your Five Senses

 By: Kayla McDonald



Branding is one of the best ways to get noticed and help consumers remember your business. As humans we naturally use our five senses to make decisions. Our nervous system relies on sight, sound, smell, taste and touch to receive and process information about the world. That's why large companies like Google, McDonald's and Proctor & Gamble have developed brands that we remember. Each of these organizations showcase their brand with unique names, colors, shapes, music, recipes and more!

Please make brand development a priority for your business. Many small businesses fail because their idea, product or service didn't stand out to consumers. To avoid being another statistic your branding should include brand elements that can be seen (visual), heard (sound), smelled (fragrance), felt (touch) or tasted (consumption).  Strong brands use a combination of colors that draw on emotions, fonts with character traits, industry-specific shapes , background music, catchy phrases/ jingles, modern fragrances, tasty recipes and much more. 

  • What makes your business different?

  • Which of the five senses can people use to remember your brand?

  • How will your business build its reputation?


Creating a memorable Brand can help potential customers identify your idea, product or service. These elements are part of your brand identity. Small businesses who develop their brand attract new business, gain supporters and satisfy repeat customers. Whether you’re starting a new venture or growing a business the process of brand development can be tough. That’s how I can help!   Book a Discovery Call


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